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Trade like a Professional

7 Day Free Trial

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Simple Charting and Analysis Platform

Start using the GreenChart platform to test your ideas and practice trading in the live market. Use for FREE! No broker account needed!

Advanced Training and Analysis Tools

Take your trading to the next level with our 6-week trading course from basics to advanced, start attending our live Study Hall and build a custom strategy using Strategy Suite!

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Attend our live trading room and watch our expert trading coaches analyze the market and execute live trades. Check out our Showcase and view winning strategies from other members!

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Powerful Charting

Live Training

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Learning to Trade is Challenging

  • Gurus sell outdated, expensive training courses that don’t work!
  • Trading platforms provided by brokers are outdated and difficultto use, and live support is impossible
  • Life it too busy to mess with something complicated, and taxesand inflation are too high to blow your money on expensiveboot camps

Build Your Custom Trading Strategy


Strategy Suite


Get access to the Top Winning Strategies created by our Trading Community

A community-driven trading resource with winning back tested strategies - exclusively available to members.

  • New winning strategies are created and updated daily by members like you
  • View and sort list of strategies to narrow down based on performance metrics that matter to you
  • View and copy the best strategies and modify them to your personal trading style using our revolutionary tools.

Pattern Builder

Combine multiple technical indicators to build your perfect strategy within Minutes!

Experiment with your favorite technical indicators by putting them together using a simple drag-and-drop tool!

  • Simple building blocks interface - NO PROGRAMMING NEEDED
  • Create multiple conditions that combine within a group, and nested groups
  • Uses simple AND, OR, NOT logic
  • Use multiple chart timeframes (1 min, 5 min., etc.) within the same pattern
  • Set to trigger on candle post or time (min/sec) before post
  • No limits on the number of Patterns you can set up


Save hours of manual back testing

Want to know how your pattern is going to perform historically? Simply plug in your scenario settings and let it run!

  • Choose any symbol and historical timeframe to test, and limit times of day
  • Set account size, risk per trade, open trade limits; allow hedging, commissions per trade and more!
  • Set your Exit Strategy using a variety of methods such as ATR, Fixed and Fractal
  • Test multiple Risk/Reward ratios in a single pass
  • View detailed report showing Profit/Loss, Equity Drawdown, Profit Factor and more
  • Download detailed transaction report (CSV format) showing every trade executed

Pattern Alerts

Never miss that key trade setup again!

Publish your patterns to the charts as Alerts and receive SMS (text), email and in-app buy/sell notifications.

  • Assign any Pattern as an Alert for any Symbol
  • Specify how you want to receive Alert notifications - SMS (text) or Email
  • In-app audio Alert notifications
  • Customize black-out notification periods
  • Complete history of all your triggered alerts - view them in replay on the chart!

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* The average backtest cost is approximately .20 credits (11/17/2023). Backtests vary in cost due to the complexity of the Pattern and the number of candles used in the test date range. Credits allotted for each subscription reset monthly, and unused credits do not rollover. If you purchase Backtest Credits, any unused credits rollover each month.
** SMS (text) notifications are only available for the USA and Canada. International customers must use carrier email-to-text services. Alert Notifications count towards your monthly maximum even if you have SMS and Email delivery turned OFF and you are only receiving in-app notifications. To stop alert notifications, deactivate your alert.

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Why GreenChart?

GreenChart is your ultimate trading ally: Advanced web-based tools for real-time and historical insights. Our edge? We seamlessly merge top-tier charting, powerful analysis tools, and trader-centric education.

Born from real trading experiences, GreenChart is designed to give you the advantage against trading giants. With GreenChart, you're not just getting a platform; you're embracing a partnership for financial success. Elevate your trading game with us.

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Matthew E. Poll - Founder of GreenChart and Market Pulse Podcast with Matt

Matthew E. Poll - host of the
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Matthew E. Poll - host of the Market Pulse Podcast

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