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Trade like a Professional

Trading tools and Education | Simple and smart

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Trade like a Professional

Trading tools and Education | Simple and smart

7 Day Free Trial

Powerful Charting

Live Training

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  • Stop wasting your time with overpriced and outdated systems that don't perform
  • Learn the fundamentals and tactics of successful currency trading from trading experts
  • Design and execute a successful trading plan based on your personal strengths and style
  • Start analyzing the market and trade with confidence

3 Steps to Success

Simple Charting and Analysis Platform

Start using the GreenChart platform to test your ideas and practice trading in the live market. Use for FREE! No broker account needed!

Learn the Basics to Advanced Trading

Take your trading to the next level with our 6-week trading course, Start with the basics and learn advanced trading techniques, attend our live Study Hall and build a custom strategy using Strategy Suite!

Watch Experts Trade

Attend our live trading room and watch our expert trading coaches analyze the market and execute live trades. Apply what you learn to your own trading plan. Custom one-on-one coaching plans available!

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Powerful Charting

Live Training

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Learning to Trade is Challenging

  • Gurus sell outdated, expensive training courses that don’t work!
  • Trading platforms provided by brokers are outdated and difficultto use, and live support is impossible
  • Life it too busy to mess with something complicated, and taxesand inflation are too high to blow your money on expensiveboot camps

Packages & Pricing

Currency Trading Unleashed:

Unlock Your Financial Potential

Course Details

Section 1

Introduction to Currency Trading

11 recorded training webinars with our expert trading coaches, with pre-lecture reading material and exams. Go at your own pace!

Topics covered:
  • Currency Pair Trading Basics and Forex Quotes
  • Introduction to the GreenChart charting platform
  • Choosing a Broker | Trading Platform Setup
  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis

Section 2

Advanced Concepts in Currency Trading

8 training webinars with our expert coaches, pre-lecture reading material and exams.Go at your own pace!

Topics covered:
  • Effective Risk Management Strategies
  • Understading Trading Psychology and Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Identifying and Mastering Your Trading Style
  • How to Trade with the Trend
  • Mastering Advanced Technical Analysis Techniques
  • Strategy Development and Backtesting
  • How to Trade Macroeconomic and Geopolitical Events
  • Setting up Your Trading Routine

Section 3

Preparation for Live Trading - Your Trading Plan

This is a final live webinar with an expert trading coach. These sessions are limited to a small number of students so questions can be addressed individually.

Topics covered:
  • Strategy Review and Backtesting Results
  • Trading Plan Finalization
  • Funding Options for your Trading Account
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Why GreenChart?

GreenChart is your ultimate forex trading ally: Advanced web-based tools for real-time and historical insights. Our edge? We seamlessly merge top-tier charting with trader-centric education.

Born from real trading experiences, GreenChart is designed to give you the advantage against trading giants. With GreenChart, you're not just getting a platform; you're embracing a partnership for financial success. Elevate your trading game with us.

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Matthew E. Poll - host of the Market Pulse Podcast

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